Jesus Wears a Safety Pin for the One Queer Kid Who Will See It

This is why we wear safety pin! It may not seem like much but what it could potentially mean could be everything to someone. For that ONE person who needs it, that safety pin could be life saving!

Banishing Ursula

A queer person found their self surrounded by people wearing safety pins the other day, and breathed easier. “I knew I was among friends, and people had my back.”

Why would this be? Because now, with the election of Donald Trump, we are living in the United States of Fear and the safety pin has emerged as one symbol to demonstrate that the person wearing it is committed to providing safety for those targeted with the hate.

And there is a lot of hate. The Southern Poverty Law Center stays busy daily, tracking incidences of hateful harassment and intimidation since the election.

Incidences of bullying in schools have significantly increased throughout this election cycle, and in the first two days after Trump was elected, calls to The Trevor Project’s suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth more than doubled.

The outcry from loving Americans has been loud. It has also been…

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